69 Grigoriou Lampraki Str, Glyfada, GR 166 75.


Eastern Mediterranean Maritime Limited (EASTMED) is a ships management company with head offices in Glyfada (Athens), Greece.

Presently the company has under management 78 vessels, employs 200 shore based personnel and a further 3000 seagoing staff. The fleet comprises of 29 tankers, 39 dry bulk carriers and 10 container ships, adding up to a total DWT capacity of 7.2 million tons.

Principally both the tankers and the dry cargo vessels are employed on the spot market and occasionally will enter into short period charter agreements on a number of ships of the fleet.

The following overseas companies are employed as exclusive agents of EASTMED:

  • Intermar Chartering (UK) Ltd. in London, U.K.: Covers the London chartering market.
  • Eastern Mediterranean Manning Agency in Manila, Philippines: Directly selects, trains, and employs Filipino Masters, Officers, and Crew exclusively for the vessels under EASTMED’s management.

EASTMED was granted by Lloyd’s the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification in December 2010 and is in the process of being certified with ISO 50001 within 2016.

EASTMED is presently a member of BIMCO, INTERTANKO and INTERCARGO, thus joining forces for improved standards in the industry.

EASTMED voluntarily participates to AMVER reporting system, operated by the US Coast Guard for promoting safety of life and property at sea. Managed vessels are honored with AMVER awards on an annual basis.

Our Team


Mr. Alexandros Spondylidis

Chartering department

Tankers DivisionPhone nos.:+30 210 9699 710Email: tankerchartering@eastmed.grDry-Cargo DivisionPhone nos.:+30 210 9699 710Email: drychartering@eastmed.grContainers DivisionPhone nos.:+30 210 9699 710Email: contchartering@eastmed.gr
Mr. Konstantinos Sakellaridis

Operations department

Tankers DivisionPhone nos.:+30 210 9699 720Email: tankers@eastmed.grDry-Cargo/Containers DivisionPhone nos.:+30 210 9699 741Email: ops-dry@eastmed.gr / ops-containers@eastmed.gr
Mr. Nikolaos Labroukos

Technical department

Tankers DivisionPhone nos.:+30 210 9699 750 / 9699 797 / 9699 780 / 9699 651Email: tech-tanker@eastmed.grDry-Cargo / Containers DivisionPhone nos.:+30 210 9699 629 / 9699 785 / 9699 630 / 9699 699 / 9699 770 / 9699 662Email: tech-dry@eastmed.gr
Capt. Ioannis Manoloudis

SQE department

Tankers DivisionPhone nos.:+30 210 9699 730Email: sqe@eastmed.grDry-Cargo/Containers DivisionPhone nos.:+30 210 9699 790Email: sqe@eastmed.gr
Capt. Spiros Pierratos

Marine Personnel department

Phone no.:+30 210 9699 800Email: crew@eastmed.gr
Mr. Vassilis Andreoulakis

Insurance & Claims department

Phone nos.:+30 210 9699 836 / 9699 814Email: insur-claim@eastmed.gr
Mr. Nikos Klis

Purchasing department

Phone no.:+30 210 9699 700Email: purch@eastmed.gr , bunkers@eastmed.gr , spares@eastmed.gr
Mr. Pantelis Chadjis

Sales & Purchase department

Phone no:+30 210 9699 710Email: sp@eastmed.gr
Mr. Diamantis Diamantaras

Accounts department

Phone nos.:+30 210 9699840 / 845Email: accounts@eastmed.gr
Mr. Vassilis Vassiadis

Information Technology department

Phone no.:+30 210 9699 686Email: it@eastmed.gr
Ms. Ismini Giannakopoulou

Office Administration

Phone no.:+30 210 9699 864Email: admin@eastmed.gr

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Eastmed employs more than 200 land-based staff and more than 3000 fleet staff. You can express interest in joining our team